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kostka dřevěná


You could say that I'm a completely ordinary mom....but wait, I'm not an ordinary mom, I'm an extraordinary mom for my children, sometimes even a super mom, who always has a drink, a snack, a napkin at hand, cracks nuts in the palm of her hand, can untie the biggest knots on shoelaces, knows where all the forgotten toys are hidden, knows the answers to tricky questions, can magically blow on a baby, and...and....and....and....well, you just know it .... :-)

I added something extra to my superpowers. Working with wood. In addition to two children, two dogs, a garden and a house, I gradually acquired several saws, grinders, milling machines and other tools so that I could develop my passion, which had probably been dormant in me for a long time and was slowly finding its way into the world.

I don't know if children, age, or what changed me, but I changed my suit and pumps for overalls and gloves...and found inner peace. I no longer answer the questions why I do it, why I don't choose the simpler office option. I just enjoy it. Period ;-)


...not only rabbit ears ...I make and design a number of accessories and small furniture for children's kingdoms, but sometimes there is an opportunity to make an original accessory for people and animals other than children.

You can find a photo gallery of completed items on my Instagram or on Kostky's Facebook page. But don't let yourself be limited, I'll be happy to come up with something new, innovative, beautiful, according to your ideas...

Kostka Dřevěná - these are original designer accessories and decorations for children's rooms, boxes not only for Kallax shelves, small furniture and custom production. In the e-shop you will also find a number of other products from other skilled Czech craftsmen.

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