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Nejčastější otázky

  • What is the delivery date?
    For custom production - i.e. for things that I make with my own hands (except for most textiles, suitcases, paper decorations, wallpapers, stickers...), the delivery time is approx. 8 weeks. I try to make and ship smaller orders as soon as possible. The busiest are the autumn, winter months and part of the spring - here the delivery time can stretch to 10 weeks. For ready-made items that are delivered to me by other skilled hands, the delivery time is approx. 2 weeks or the goods are in stock.
  • What are the options for transport, personal collection?"
    The option to deliver the package via DPD is set as standard. As a rule, you will receive an SMS the day before with a notification that the package will be delivered the next working day. On the day of delivery, you will receive an SMS with a two-hour delivery window. For smaller items, it is possible to send them via Zásilkovna. The package costs CZK 70. This is how you can send, for example, a carrier, crayons, suitcases, posters, cubes, etc. But please inquire about this option in advance, I will check if your order fits into the maximum permitted size of the Post Office. Personal collection is also possible by agreement.
  • Is shipping abroad possible?
    Yes, a package for 250 CZK goes to Slovakia. For other EU countries, please inquire. For example, it is possible to send one package to Germany or Austria for about 500 CZK. Each package is charged to these states. To give you an idea: one package can fit 4 kallax boxes and some small items :-)
  • What materials are the products made of?
    I use birch plywood, solid spruce, water-based paints and varnishes with certificates for use on children's toys and in contact with food. Less stressed products are waxed with solid wax based on beeswax to highlight the beauty of the wood. The adhesives used are emission class A+ for interiors (so the best possible) or water-based PVAC where appropriate for the purpose. Wallpapers and stickers are printed on certified safe materials. In my production, I try to avoid plastics, MDF boards and other glued materials more than is absolutely necessary with regard to functionality. Other beautiful things that I do not produce, but are available in the e-shop, are made in the Czech Republic, from Czech or European materials with an emphasis on environmental friendliness, natural and recyclable materials with an absolute minimum of necessary plastics.
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